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Postcard, September 16, 1917

[Postcard postmarked Fort Worth, Texas]

Some where in Texas. Sept. 16-17

Dear Mother & father

We left Quincy Fri. about noon - got up at three in the morning. See some beautiful country. We took Frisco lines from St. Louis. went thru 2 tunnels and part of the Ozark Mts. Our train has 17 pullman cars & 5 box cars. sure is some train. and we are having some swell time two. You can see nothing but cotton fields, some pretty good roads. getting warmer. was cold in Quincy. cockle burrs as big as your thumb. There were thousands to see us off in Quincy. camp sure looked bare when we left. we have berths to sleep in at night. pillows and linens. Are given first class passage. we played at Ft. Smith, Arkansas. I don't know where in Texas we are now but it is 10 oclock. There are 28 in our car while in some of the rest have 40 & 50. Not at all crowded and better living than out at camp. Everybody is happy. have one of the finest cars in the lot. it is hard writing on the train. will not write a letter until we get to our destination. I rec. your letter the morning we left. made me feel rather bad.

Well I have a chance to mail so I will close - will write again soon.

Your loving son -


We are at Ft worth now - 12-30.

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