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Postcard, October 16, 1917


%H.Q. Co. 5th Ill. Inf. Camp Logan, Houston, Texas

Oct - 16 - 1917

Dear Mother -

I was looked up by Audie yesterday and spent last night with him in Houston. am sure glad to get acquainted with him for he is as nice a fellow as I ever met anyplace. And he seemed glad to have the opertunity of meeting me after we got acquainted. Send Ethel one of my big pictures if I have any left. if not let it go. Well our Reg. is about done for now. just a matter of a little while and we will be moved out of here. My buglers are leaving as their companies move out. and 3 have already left, taking 6 buglers.

I am member of band no more and am not sure what will be done with me now. I am only getting $30 per month for all my hard work and studying. I do know that I think I am getting a rotten deal but we are all thinking that more or less.

I am going to Ethels Sat. & Sun. if I can get away. if the Reg. is bursted I don't suppose they will let me leave camp for even one day. Hoping to hear from you soon I am your loving son


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