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[Postcard -- Scene: Brest. - L'Avant Port et le Château]

This is the castle, fort, prison where unthinkable tortures were done to humans. In here it was & I saw the room where the kings daughter was imprisoned 16 weeks & then taken to top of tower & thrown into the sea. was saved by sailors. An English spy tried to dig his way out but missed 12 ft. by going at a wrong angle. In the death Chamber all of Frances money was hidden during a 7 years war with England a jury room above, prisoners were tried, if found guilty or plead guilty were put to death by dropping them thru holes on to bayonets. & flushed out with the tide. If they would not plead guilty they were put in chains, or in the iron crown & screwed together until you either plead guilty or expired. passages so black you can see absolutely nothing with out light. they are narrow & irregular, many little caves & dungeons leading off from main passage way. you assend by stone winding stairs. walk stooped over & very careful. Damp and very foul air as ventilation is hardly a reality. may be a small hole in the top of cell or a narrow slot thru 10 or 12 feet of wall to the exterrior - overlooking river. This is mostly Roman architecture, started by caesar & continued until Napoleons time. in one cell is Roman, Gothic, and Engish architecture. Many cells have trap doors where prisoners were dropped in. Torture chambers here you could not imagine being possible for humans. The injustice done behind those walls. God only knows.

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